July 10, 2010

Fill'er up!

Truman was full of energy, full of fun, full of adventure, chivalry and full of himself!

He and Christian hiked fast and carried full backpacks, they even carried some of the younger kids gear. On our way out of the canyon they asked if they could hike ahead to see how fast they could get out. They got to the parking lot at the top and hung out for "a while" (15 minutes) and drank a gallon of water. They refilled the container with cold water and then headed back down the trail where they met up with us an hour later. Christian took over entertaining Hazel and Truman took my pack.

Truman jumped off everything that I allowed and somethings I was too scared to think about jumping off of. He and Abby spent a whole afternoon jumping off a rock face.

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Youth Conference

My Mom and Dad came down and watched our kids while Kenneth and I went to Youth Conference with Christian. The plan was to go to Hole in the Rock and hike down to the water. The wear and tear on the vehicles on the way to the trail head was severely underestimated. Kenneth and I didn't get to go to the trail because when it was our turn there were only enough vehicles to take the youth. We did get to go to Bryce Canyon the next day. We read a historical novel about the expedition and there was a description of Bryce Canyon as "breathtaking". We went and watched the sun rise over the canyon and I would have to say that for the first time in my life, I actually saw something that "took my breath away".

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