May 27, 2010

Sixth Grade Graduation

Today was the last day of school. The sixth grades had a promotion and awards ceremony.
Sydney got a couple of awards, and that is always fun. One of the awards was for reading more than 7 million words this year.

Here is Sydney walking to Pomp and Circumstance. That is her teacher Ms. Carreiro, smiling in the background.

Here she is with the principal Ms. Perdoni.

And again with her teacher. She really enjoyed this year of school. She was challenged and grew a lot. She is eager for seventh grade and junior high. (I always have a lump in my throat when I think about how difficult my 7th grade year was. So far my boys have come through unscathed, I hope the best for Sydney.)

May 23, 2010

Marimba Making

We have decided to build a marimba. Kenneth has been doing oodles of research, measuring, reading, and spread sheet making. I was in charge of buying the wood. I think I did ok, it was my first time buying wood by myself. That was back in February. Kenneth and I are really different in our approach to projects. I tend to start cutting right away and then figure out how to make the project work. Kenneth thinks and makes spread sheets. He usually starts cutting well past the time that I have decided that it will never happen. Both approaches usually take the same amount of time, but mine is more labor intensive and costs more because I need more supplies.
One of the spread sheets

Un-tuned Marimba bars
Making a straight edge

All I want for Christmas

Nate lost another tooth today. This is my favorite look.

This is one of the other pictures I got while trying to get the above photo. Nate was trying to make sure the gap in his teeth was really visible. Every time he looked good, I would click the camera and he would move. The gap is very well documented.

May 16, 2010

Meet Snug

Yesterday we received our new Guide Dog Puppy in Training, Snug. Snug is 9 weeks old. She is petite and spunky. She seems to be more bunny rabbit than labrador, pouncing on toys and curling up in our laps. She is curious about everything and is handling the chaos really well!

May 15, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Hazel and Miss Kippie
Cap and Gowns come this small?

Hazel, Miss Kippie, Miss Jennifer

Hazel and Miss Mo (Mareen)

Thursday was Hazel's Last Day of preschool and the "graduation ceremony". It was really cute. The teachers made a slideshow of photos of the kids through out the year. There were quite a few bawling mommies in the audience. I was sitting thinking "what is there to cry about?". I realized that Hazel's graduation from preschool is also my graduation from preschool. I have really loved the preschool years with my children and I am sad to see them over so soon. I am really enjoying the other ages too, but they are not all mine. I have to share my time with other activities and teachers. I did get a bit misty eyed at the thought that I am moving to a new phase, and that Hazel is not a baby anymore. I am so glad for all the wonderful teachers we have been blessed with.

Hazel Hair

Can your hair do this?


Last week we made homemade chocolates to give to our teachers to thank them for all their hard work this year. The kids all helped which is fitting since it is their teachers. We made origami boxes for them. The gifts were a terrific hit, the teachers feel loved! ( In case you were wondering the ones with nuts are maple filled, the purple dot are raspberry, and the stripey ones are orange. We also made some fancy dipped cherries.

May 9, 2010

Nate's loose tooth

Nate has several loose teeth. Two of them are the top front ones. He has been wiggling them for a long time, Kenneth offers regularly to pull them and Nate says ok, but after school; ok, but after dinner; ok, but in the morning... He decided to try the "tie dental floss to it and slam the door" trick. Here he is:

It didn't work. He eventually gave in and Kenneth used the pliers.