July 31, 2011

Olympia, Washington

After the reunion we went to my parent's house.  Kenneth and my mom took the kids and did fun stuff while my dad and I worked furiously on the stained glass for the doors to their great room.  We almost finished one. (maybe if we hadn't had to sleep and eat we could have finished it).

These are photos at the Pt. Defiance zoo.

Sydney celebrated her birthday.
More tall socks.

Ice-cream cake!

I am changing the name of this post as an experiment!

I used to think that sheep were beautiful, gentle, innocent creatures.  Something for aiding in blissful dreaming.  Umm, not so much anymore.
There were two herds near our campground in Idaho.  They were smelly and dirty and NOISEY. I thought that sheep said "Baa Baa".  It is more like "Blahhtt", and the tongue is extended.  It is  NOT a lovely noise!
Here are the pictures we took while waiting for the sheep to cross the road.
The little white car just started plowing through.  I was impressed with their boldness.
The sheep did get moving.

The white car was being driven by Kami (my sis-in-law)!

Cascade Lake State Park - Cornwall Reunion

We had a Awesome time reunioning with my family in Idaho.  I was really bad this trip at taking pictures.  My Dad's camera was always out so I know that there are lots of good pictures out there.  Here are the pictures I have.

Nice flower!
Silly Rebekah
I love to watch my big boys with little children.  They are so patient and genuinely interested in them.  It makes me  a proud mama.

Mackenzie and Hazel had such a great time together.  I wish we were a little closer.

Nice Shades boys.
Kenneth decorated by his girls.

Here are Kenneth and Truman on the bridge that they dared each other to jump off of and then didn't!

How do you ride your horse?

So, I know very little about horses.  I do believe that Abby's horseback riding lessons are not cowboy style.  When we were at Charlotte and Jeremy's their horses did not respond well to the method Abby has been taught (and there were no helmets).  The kids rode horses in Utah the next week and these horses were also not interested in being "proper".  I have concluded that the riding lesson horses are British and the other horses are American cowboy variety.

Page AZ, Take 2

We went back to Page a couple weeks later, as the first stop on our summer road trip.  Charlotte and Jeremy were great hosts.  They cooked us some really great food, we played Settlers of Catan, and we visited the horses.  It was a fun visit.

 Our kids had a good time getting to know Addison better.

 Everyone wanted to hold Zach.

 Hazel wanted to hold Addison.

 The boys unloaded some hay.

The girls sat on it.

 Christian didn't want to ride the horse but he did want to have his photo taken on the horse.  Once he was on we sent him on his way.  He did enjoy it (a little).

 The kids had fun brushing Dandy.

I found the pictures from Paul and Julie's Visit. (lots of 'em)

Riparian Preserve

Pirate day.