March 29, 2009

A Message for Mackenzie

Hazel enjoyed watching the video message from her cousin Mackenzie that she wanted to make a message back. We are getting ready to send another box of clothes that Hazel has outgrown. As you can see Nate is really more excited about being on camera and that he is all boy. (You will notice I am ashamed to say that I have been living with boys too long, I had a hard time not laughing about underwear...)

March 22, 2009

Sunny Desert Flowers

Kenneth is our great photographer. While we were hiking he found these pretty cactus flowers. Nate and Hazel were trying to be good models but it was really sunny. I think the pictures turned out pretty cute.

Hiking in the White Tank Mountains

We did our camping in the White Tank Mountains on Friday and Saturday. We drove out as soon as the instrument practicing was done on Friday morning. Then we took a hike out to a little waterfall area and saw some petroglyphs. We took Dejay with us, and he did splendidly.

This photo gives "tree hugger" a whole new meaning.

One of the events at the park was rattlesnake feeding time. If you look carefully you can see Truman through the glass of two tanks and each tank has a snake with a mouse half-way in it's mouth.

Our Grand 72 hour kit Adventure

About 2 years ago we put together 72 hour emergency packs. The kids are really great about reminding me that we should rotate the contents thereof. I have had grand plans on the way to do this efficiently and excitingly. So instead we waited until nearly everything in them was past the "best if used by" date, and we went camping with the packs as our menu. The kids were also looking forward to seeing what clothes were in their kits.

Hazel was surprised to find a can of baby formula and assorted baby foods, which she was disappointed to not be able to eat. She did drink the baby juices.

Poor Kenneth was so tired that he fell asleep in the back of the van.

Here we are in the shade of the van sampling out fruit snacks, granola bars, beef jerky and crackers. I think that this little exercise taught me a lot about emergency preparedness. I will be modifying the contents of the packs in the future. And adding a tooth brush.

March 21, 2009

The Phoenix Zoo

We had a great day at the zoo. I let my membership lapse, for the first time since we moved here, when gas was super expensive and Hazel and I were alone. So since gas is reasonable and all the kids were home, we renewed. We saw the sting ray bay and got to touch the rays, and we saw the elephant ans the rhino poop!

March 20, 2009

Carousel Ride

You are never too old to enjoy a god old fashioned merry-go-round. I renewed my zoo membership and they gave me 5 passes to ride the carousel, so I bought a couple more passes and away they went. Hazel told me that "next time I am going to ride the dragon." Only my youngest thinks about next time. She is so spoiled...

March 18, 2009

Little Leprechaun Bakers

Abby and her friend Cailee baked (from scratch) and decorated this lovely St. Patty's cake. They named it "Green Queen"!

And this cake made by Sydney and her friend Rose made this stunning "Rosie Elaine Benford" cake.

The girls even used real clover from the yard. They had a great time working on them and even cleaned up after themselves pretty good.

Spring Break

I love breaks from school because my kids can stop being focused scholastic machines and be kids again. Christian and our friend Seth spent the morning making a great train track!

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March 17, 2009

St Patricks Day

Today we had green breakfast. The kids took these photo's and I was really suprised at how good they turned out!

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March 16, 2009

It's an Epidemic

We were all talking as Truman made breakfast, when we made the discovery... 4 out of 7 kids have loose teeth. The Tooth Fairy is going to need a federal bail out plan at this rate.

March 14, 2009

THE Much Anticipated Pi Day Party

National Pi Day is a "Real Holiday" you can go to the official web site for more information!

Rebekah made this great cherry pi sign to post on the front door to welcome friends to the party.
I think that pi parties are the best to host because there are no holidays that conflict or cause people to have family functions that they have to go to instead. We made some invitations and people come and bring pie and eat pie. And the clean-up isn't bad.
This year was our 2nd annual event and I am excited for many years of March 14ths!

The Leftovers!
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Happy Pi Day to All

In honor of National Pi Day, Share some Pie with a friend!

March 11, 2009

Grand Finale

We all went for a brisk swim!
From natebday

When I was a kid my mother told me I could swim as soon as the temperature was 70 degrees, It was almost 80. The water was cold, I had to tell myself that I have been swimming in the ocean and surely this isn't that cold. It wasn't.

Giving of Gifts

The kids did their shopping at the Renaissance Fair over the weekend. He got a "pet" dragon, cool hat, and 2 wooden paddle boats. And don't forget 6 birthday spankings!

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What's a party without a pinata

Hazel and I bought this pinata today. This is interesting because we rode my bike the mile and a half to the party store. The pinata was on clearance so we couldn't pass it up, even though we were only there for balloons. I am sure that we were a funny sight the two of us on a bike with a pinata tied to the back of the baby bike seat with the ribbons from 7 helium balloons.

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Truman's Second Game

Everyone has a balloon taped to their heel and they chase each other around trying to stomp on other kid's balloons.

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