May 31, 2009

Kamping at Kartchner Kaverns

Kenneth skipped father and sons this year because he was at the zoo on Abby's camp-out, so to make up for the lost male bonding we had a family camping trip. We all went down near Tuscon and camped for 2 nights. Here are the highlights according to Me.

I was going to make a hamburger Helper box for dinner and I realized I could make something better based on the idea on the box of Hamburger Helper, and the thing that I made was indeed better than what was in the box.

Hazel climbed in my lap and then threw up all over me. Then declared that she felt much better. She also told me that it is ok if she throws up on me because she is still a little kid. However, I am not allowed to throw up on little kids.

Friday morning we took a 2.5 mile hike through the foot hills. The kids and I saw a rattle snake just off the path (like 12 inches) and had to walk past it. I was really nervous but Nate advised me very calmly that he has learned about walking past snakes in school and the trick it to walk calmly.

We took a tour of the cave and it was cool. It is "one of the 10 best caves in the world". I think that the really amazing thing to me, was that the cave is in nearly pristine condition. In order to keep it that way they Rangers are a little obsesive. If you touch anything other than the stainless steel hand rail you have to report it and they come through in the evening and clean it. As we were leaving I heard two of the Rangers talking: R1 so how many things did they touch? R2 actually nothing. R1 Not even the dog? R2 Not even the dog! R2 actually took a picture of our family because we were the first group with a service dog that he had ever been with.

We had to leave the park to go to the store in town and on our way back in I drove over a big stick in the road. I didn't hear the crunch I was expecting and looked in my rearview mirror to see if I broke it and saw a big red splat. We turned around and went back so Kenneth could see the Diamondback rattlesnake that I hit. It was still alive and had left the road to hide in the grass.

Saturday morning we went to Toumbstone, AZ and we saw a biker dude with a parrot names Caesar. He let the kids stroke it's head then I gor to let it on my arm and it walked up and sat on my shoulder. My kids tell me I looked just like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Kenneth really enjoyed the camping and the children. I had a great time with them all.

All I have to do is dream

Here is Sydney at the spring saxophone recital.

The small group number...

Any Dream Will Do

May 19th Truman, Sydney, Abby, Rebekah, and Nate were in the talent show. The girls first idea was to do "So long, farewell" from the Sound of Music. Some good old Von Trapp family style singing. Truman was a little hesitant, his response was "I will if Christian has to". Well Christian's response was (a very relieved) "ohhh sorry. I have finals, I can't." So back to the drawing board. Nate's comment as always was I really want to be Joseph (as in the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat). Truman piped up that he has already learned the accompaniment. The girls were excited to sing backup and dance. Sydney took over the choreography. Nate turned to me and said "well mom I guess you can make me a coat now.

We practiced and practiced. Every night Nate and I sang it a couple times at bed time, and it was pretty good. Then we practiced with the other kids, and he had a hard time remembering the order of the song. Truman learned a lot about accompanying a singer. The girls learned the art of singing and dancing without breathing too hard.

The audition went well. The practices at home went well. The dress rehersal was absolutely terrible. Nate was distracted by the microphone, he lost his place, forgot to come in... Then the other kids got scared and chewed him out. Next day, the two performances during the day for their classmates went well enough. The night of the performance for the parents. The pressure was on and the mic was not.


(I do appoligize for the bad filming)

May 28, 2009

Mr. Rootbeer

We are trying to be sure to squeeze in all our favorite summer activities before our road trip. So we had our annual homemade soda event (sadly without the homemade icecream). We made rootbeer, gingerale and cream soda. It was all pretty good.

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May 26, 2009

Polly Heaven

When Hazel was a baby she ate Polly Pocket pieces on a regular basis. The girls played with them a little but mostly I just cleaned them up and fished them out Hazel's mouth (but not out of the diapers). One day I had had enough and I sent all the Pollys to the Goodwill. A couple years later Pollys are Hazels absolute favorite thing. Someone gave her some for Christmas and she loved it. Then for Kenneth's birthday she bought him a "boy polly" so that he would feel comfortable playing pollys with her. Then Kenneth and I were at a garage sale and found a small set of Pollys, so we bought it for $2.50. This week Sydney's friend Rose brought her the MOtherload of Polly Pockets complete with dressing rooms, dance floors and a private jet. Now the fun never stops!!!

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May 25, 2009

Summer Boredom

Truman's new look. (a lesson from Hazel)

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May 24, 2009

Even Kenneth knew this wasn't good

Hazel got herself all ready for church early this morning. After a good laugh (in another room), Kenneth coaxed her into another outfit.

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May 18, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dejay often sleeps like this and I am so curious how that can be comfortable?

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May 17, 2009

Cheap Chocolate Fine Art

This is totally Ramdom. I made these bad copies of fine art out of the cheap wilton candy making chocolate thingies.
Stary Night - Van Gogh

The Frame - Frida Kahlo

Daybreak Tagesanbruch - Joan Miro

Nate's multi-colored coat

Nate and the girls (and Truman) are going to be in the Elementary school talent show. They are going to be doing "Any Dream Will Do", Nate singing lead, girls on backup/dance, and Truman on Piano. It should be quite an act.

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Tie-Dye on Wednesday

As long as Truman was tie-dying ...

... everyone got to make a shirt. We even made one for Kenneth.

May 16, 2009

Do you ever wonder what happened to the Jets?

Did you even know that The Jets existed? Well I had forgotten until we went to Truman's Around the World presentation at school. Each group had to take a virtual trip to a foreign country. Truman's group went to Trinidad and Tobago. They had to plan out a trip and then write a journal as if they had actually gone. Truman's group even came over and tie-dyed matching shirts. They were supposed to serve a food from their country but you can't bring in homemade food. So they made snowcones and passed out samples of Chutney. Truman reported that the donuts that Sweden was passing out were more popular. I was really impressed with how well the displays turned out and the oral presentations were fun too.

The presentation before Trinidad was Tonga. Truman's friend Grant was in that group and had some insider info being that he is Tongan. They did the Haka. Then they said that their tour guides were his two uncles who are on the "Biggest Looser". And somehow managed to work in the part that Grant's Dad was in the Jets. Here is Truman with his autographs.

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May 13, 2009

End of the School Year Cultural Enrichment

Sydney and Truman had their spring concert last Thursday and Christian's was last night. I have to say that it is really wonderful to see me kids perform well, to be a contributing member of a group, and to make something beautiful.

Sydney and Truman earned a few awards at their concert and it was interesting to reflect on past years when their were a couple of kids who seemed to get all the awards. (Christian was even recognized because he helped with the elementary school drum line) I remember thinking that somehow those parents did something to make their kids get all those awards. Our kids were those kids this year and perspective is an interesting thing. I realized that it is about the kids and I could not care less about the awards. I am really proud of the passion, focus and determination my kids have shown for music. They worked incredibly hard and it showed. (It is still a little embarrassing to have them announce Welling over and over and realize that a lot of those parents are thinking I had something to do with it)

May 11, 2009

Final Battle of the Books

Sydney's Battle of the books was today. The competition was fierce. I was so amazed at how well they all did. Syd was a bit disappointed at her team's performance until we pointed out that they were 10th of the 12 teams at the regional final, but that also means that they were 10th of the 300 something teams that participated over all. Then we has banana splits. It is all good now.

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May 10, 2009

The Best Part of Mother's Day

I was talking to someone the other day and she said "so as a mother of 7, what do you get for Mother's Day?"
The answer is more presents.
Kenneth gave me a great pair of big hoop earrings, to compliment my funky gypsy style skirt.
I got some aluminum (dishwasher safe) muffin pans. This is significant because I am notorious for ruining pans by putting them in the dishwasher, so for a few years I have only owned silicone muffin pans. The crust is not the same, so my family researched and purchased me some pans that I might be successful with. (also one is heart shaped mini muffins) I got a pitcher to add to my collection and a gardening kneeling on thing, and I think I forgot something but naptime is burning away while I sit here so I'll add it when I remember.

I am such a lucky girl. My family loves me and I am so blessed to have them all. (which is really easy to remember when they are sleeping!)

Happy Mother's Day!

May 4, 2009

Battle of the Books District Final

Congrats, Sydney!

Sydney's team took third place in the district final and next week her team and the first and second place teams will go on to the Regional competition!

May 2, 2009

"Electric Sax"

My friend had this idea of making a lamp from a Saxophone, she supplied the instrument (it's a tenor) and the lamp parts and I made the base and built the lamp. We still need a shade for it. I think it turned out pretty good. The hardest part was willing myself to drill a hole in the bottom. I actually had to make Kenneth do it for me, but I did hold it still.

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May 1, 2009

The Revolt of Maid Marion

This week Hazel has been playing a game with Dejay where she wraps him in blankets and pretends that he is Maid Marion. He plays along for a while, and as you can see in the photo, when he is done he shakes himself free and comes to find me.

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