July 24, 2012


We went to the Phoenix Zoo.  When the kids were small, we had a membership and went weekly.  On a good day we visited 1/4 of the animals.  We tried to see as much as we could and were mighty proud that we saw 3/4 of the animals.  We had to give up because the Marching Band kids had to get back for a rehearsal, but we were so glad that they could squeeze us in!

July 20, 2012

We Want Watermelon!

 Juicy Watermelon!!

And Whipped Cream!

And we took had an adventure eating out at Weinerschnitzel. We had never been there before, so it was fun to do something new.  I forgot my camera.  So you have to see the bad pictures my phone takes. Please notice that Kenn, Sydney, Truman and Christian are making a W.

July 19, 2012

Very Fine V

 We made a very vanilla coffee cake recipe, (with cherries).  YUMMY!

Please no pictures of Abby after eating Vanilla.

We tried a new recipe for dinner...

Chicken Vindaloo.

 Very Tasty!

July 18, 2012

What's under there?

Under Where?

For the letter U, we all wore underwear (no pictures).

And we took pictures Underwater!!

July 17, 2012


We Took a Totally Terrific Tour of the Arizona State Capitol Museum.  It was really fun and interesting until my big kids all got distracted pretending that they were the original senators in the historic House Chamber.  They were so silly moving from desk to desk and reading the plaques about the men who sat at the desks, that our tour guide abruptly said "thank you for coming on the tour, feel free to look at the last room on your own".  I think my kids were better behaved when they were little.
 Here is the fancy mosaic of the great Seal of Arizona.  This photo was taken from the 2nd floor.  The guide pointed out that the mosaic is missing the cattle, but the mosaic was so expensive that they just put it in with the mistake.  I would have thought that being really expensive you would want it to be accurate.
 Here is the front of the Historic Capitol Building and the back of Truman.

This is the room where our tour guide abruptly departed.

Hazel enjoying the fountain in the rotunda in front of the Capitol.

 There are monuments to wars and memorials.  This is our favorite, one of the anchors from the USS Arizona.  (inside the museum they had an exhibit of artifacts from the excavation of the USS Arizona).

 There is a stamp on the anchor that tells it's weight: 19535 lbs.

 Truman and Abby worked together and could almost lift the chain.

 Hazel looking cute.

And the USS Arizona again.  This is the top portion of the tallest mast.

Happy Birthday Sydney!

The kids have realized that they don't have to choose birthday cake.   Sydney requested Flan this year.  It was a good choice.  It was the best flan I have ever made, it was silky smooth!

She had trick candles and so we spent a long time in the dark waiting for the candles to go out.

Sydney always wears mismatched tall socks.  She got a lot of socks for her birthday this year.

There was something else in the box hidden under the socks! 

July 16, 2012

Simply Stupendous

I can not account for R, so that brings us to S on the Sixteenth.

 Scrumptious Scones (thanks for the recipe Kami) and Strawberries.

 Silly Smiles.

 Sydney Sipped Soda Solo.
 Six Siblings Sip Soda Simultaneously.
 Hazel the Skating fiend.  Last time we went skating she Struggled to Stay up-right.  This time she was quite independant.
 S candies, and Scary Christian.
 Snickers really satisfies.

 Suprise it's Sydney's birthday.