November 17, 2012

I Love A Parade

We attended the Mesa Veteran's Day parade on Monday.  All 3 kids played instruments this year.  Christian doesn't usually play an instrument, he carries a rifle or a flag or something.  This year he learned the Snare part and wore a marching snare.  It was so fun to see him.  Especially because Snare used to be one of his percussion weaknesses.  

I can totally understand why Truman plays sousa.  It looks really cool and flashy!

I tried to take a good picture of Sydney.  She was on the other side of the street from me.  It was her first parade.  She said it was really fun, and so short.  I don't think it was even a mile.

 Some of my friendly parade watchers.  Nate, Ladson and Hazel.

November 13, 2012

I Own a Dog

Tonight we welcomed home our "retired" guide dog, Snug!

I put a pink collar on her and claimed her as my pet! Then I bought a couple of frisbees and taught her to play fetch with tennis balls.  Hurray for Dogs!

The story
I got a phone call on Thursday letting me know that Snug had been retired, and asking me if I would like to adopt her.  (Of Course I said YES!)  I guess her blind partner, that she has been working with since January, returned her to Guide Dogs for the Blind and said it wasn't working out.  So they retired Snug and put her on a plane to Phoenix Tuesday.  Kenneth picked her up on his way home from work.  You should have seen the kids, even the imperturbable Christian was visibly excited. 

November 10, 2012

Only In Arizona

The little kids washed my car today!

November 8, 2012

Carnival Rides make me sick (I must be old)

We went over to the carnival at the high school on Friday night.  "We" being: Christian, Truman, Sydney, Rebekah, Nate, Hazel and I. We purchased 1 sheet of tickets + 1ticket.  The choice was between a ferris wheel and the Star Trooper.  We decided to ride the Star Trooper ride, like this one:

Truman really didn't want to ride either ride, but to be my friend, he agreed to ride with me. 
Nate rode across from us.  Hazel and Christian were behind us, and the girls were across from us.  As soon as our carriage became parallel to the ground, we became sorry we chose the ride.  These pictures are from before the ride started. 

After the ride was over, we decided to go home and watch a movie.  Rebekah was all bouncing and energy! "Wow! That was Awesome!"  I guess being reserved about life makes you more resistant to spinning.

We had 3 tickets left (that was why we bought the one extra ticket, so we would have 3 and not just 2.  There were no rides that cost 2).  Hazel went in this Indiana Knock-off adventure ride, thingy.  Notice the adventurerous art work and the ride was called "Raiders".  It consisted of walking up a plank, and then the wiggly bridge, then coming down a long slide.  Hardly worth any tickets, but she thought it was fun. 

November 6, 2012

Band Appreciation Night

Every year our little kids look forward to band appreciation night at the high school.  The junior high kids learn some of the music and play in the stands.  It makes them feel so grown-up.  This year was extra fun because it was also Senior night.  We went early to the game and had this picture taken with our senior.  I didn't look at the camera very good.

Christian and his friend Dillan (AKA #2)

 I tried to take a picture of Sydney in the stands.  It was very hard to do because the stadium lighting is weird.  She is just about in the middle of the picture looking at the camera.

Here is the Dobson band after the half time show.  
The junior high kids are interspersed, wearing black or red.  The little girl in the center front in a blue t-shirt is Rebekah.  Her french horn teacher, Mady, is in the marching band.  We took a little liberty and Rebekah joined them, even though she is just a 5th grader. 
I didn't manage to get a picture of the Sousa section, because Truman was far away from me and none of the pictures turned out.

November 4, 2012

Today's Blessings Include:

My IPod is working, after taking a swim yesterday in the bottom of my backpack and spending the night basking in a bowl of rice. Thank you Sydney for the advice. 

My Relief Society Lesson I gave today went well.

The meeting with my upset neighbor was easily diffused,  it was a simple misunderstanding. 

November 3, 2012

All Hallows Eve

Abby and Syd's Jack-o-lantern

Nate's side of the  Jack-o-lantern he and Ladson were working on together.

 Rebekah's and Truman's Jack-o-lantern
 Ladson's side of the Jack-o-lantern

 Christian's and Hazel's Jack-o-lantern

 The Penguin
 Egyptian Princess
 A Panda, pretending to eat some yummy bamboo

 Vampire Girl, complete with real fangs.

 Ladson the Elf

 The Candy!!! (and the trading)