February 19, 2010

Confessions of a Rebel

1. I just bought an imac. Against the advice of all the manly techno engineer people that I know and love!
2. I would rather read fantasy/sci-fi than romance, classics, or crafty magazines.
3. I never make my bed.
4. Sometimes I don't comb my hair in the morning.
5. I eat cookies for breakfast sometimes.
6. I think teenage boys are terrifically fun!
7. I think bike helmets are annoying (I do wear mine so my kids will wear theirs)
8. The worst grade I got in college was in my ballet class. (I was really terrible)
9. If I could do anything in the whole world with my life, I would still choose exactly what I am doing.
10. Eventhough I can fix my own car, I really prefer to let my husband do it!

February 1, 2010

Deer Valley Rock Art Center

After the audition on Saturday, we all went to the Deer Valley Rock Art Center. Also a few minutes away from the audition location. They had some small but well done exhibits inside about rock art, and a kid friendly exhibit about Javelinas. Hazel's favorite part was a bike pump that had a thing on the end. When you pumped it it made a squealing noise like a scared Javelina. They also had a scavenger hunt paper of petroglyphs to find on the 1/4 mile trail. It was a great collection of rock art, and the kids got a "prize" for finishing the scavenger hunt. The prize was a glow in the dark bug. Hazel said that this was her favorite museum ever because of the bugs.

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