August 29, 2011

The Name Game

Legos are "IN", again.
For a long time the legos were in use daily.  Then the boys got busy and the legos were forgotten in their room somewhere.  A few months ago we moved the bin to Nate's room.  He was having a hard time keeping them in a useable mess, so we got 2 sets of Rubbermaid drawers and the legos were sorted.  The idea was that if they were sorted the drawers wouldn't have to be dumped on the floor.  Mostly what happened was that the legos were dumped, the drawers were left out, Nate's room was a really big mess, and no one was really playing with the legos.  I removed the legos to the living room.  I believe that the best description of the new lego status can only be described as MANIA.  All day. Everyday. Everybody.

August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I think I might be grown up.

I baked my own cake this year.  (Not because no one loves me, because the kids made me dinner in restaurant style the night before.  Then I slept in on my birthday and woke to find hot waffles ready.  Then Kenneth made me dinner after church.  It was curry, yum!)

I called my parents, instead of them calling me. (Not because I thought that they had forgotten me but because it was a good time for me to talk, and I was so grateful that they had me and raised me.  I thought maybe I should tell them so.)

I am old enough that I don't get all the candles.  (Kenneth made the candles binary to reflect my age.)

 Yummy, chocolate and peanut butter in an ice cream.  I think that my all time favorite ice cream (meaning the one that I can remember eating) was at Baskin and Robbins it was dark chocolate with peanut butter swirl.  My second favorite was a dove icecream bar that had pomegranate ice cream in a dark chocolate coating.  And 3rd favorite was a good quality orange sherbet with good quality chocolate bits in it.
 Hugs from the "little kids" and a popcorn popper.

 Hugs from the "big kids" and a new blender (they owed me see the post about blender burn up).

August 24, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Strikes Hard

Hazel has been wiggling teeth since she was 3.  She has been insisting that the teeth are so loose that Kenneth should pull them since she was 4. She has spent nearly all of her 5th year unfulfilled.  Until today!

Hazel, Nate and Lili (our friend from across the street) were out back "swimming" in the wading pool.  I hear screaming and I see blood as Hazel slides in to the kitchen with water pouring off her.  She is babbling and crying as she gets a wad of tissues and stuffs her mouth full.  Fully hysterical, she crys and dances.  I wrap her in a towel and sit her on a stool.  "What happened, are you hurt?" She nods. "Did you fall in the pool?" negative. "Did you loose a tooth?" She pulls all the bloody tissues from her mouth and wails "Ohh, Gross!  That is disgusting!"
"Hazel, you lost a tooth"
"I know!  Gross!"
"How did it happen?"
"Alls I did was bite a tennis ball"
"Were you playing Puppy?" (A common occurrence)
"What were you doing?"
"Biting a tennis ball"
"I lost my tooth!"
"Hmm.  Hey where is the tooth?  Did you swallow it?"
"Gross, NO! It's in here, you find it" and she hands me the slobbery bloody wad of tissue to look through.
Now it is my turn to say gross!  At least she has stopped crying, and her mind has cleared.  She puts the tiny tooth in a baggie under her pillow and checks every 10 minutes to see if the tooth fairy has come yet!

August 10, 2011

First day of school 2011

 I am walking the Elementary school kids out the door and I see the boys on the couch.  This was a big contrast to Nate and Hazel who were up and dressed at 6AM.

 Notice the neon green socks...
 Rebekah's rubberband art hair.

 Hazel a bit embarrassed at the requirement that she wear the tag around her neck stating which bus she rides.

 4 kids off.

 Sydney on her way out the door full of confidence and spunk.

 And wearing great socks!

 Christian is looking really tall these days don't you think?
And Truman.  A bit apprehensive about his first day at high school.  Luckily he has 3 band classes in his schedule.

August 5, 2011

Ready for another school year

Hazel and her friend folded all her new underwear today.  She told me that there is no way that she could go back to school with "messy unders".
Nate and Rebekah have each made 4 batches of strawberry freezer jam. (see photo below)
We have an appointment Monday to make our traditional multi-colored bread for first day of school sandwiches.
And most importantly: The deep freezer is nearly full of baggies of cookies.  For the last 2 weeks, someone has made at least 1 batch of cookies each day.  Everyone gets to try one or two and then all the cookies go into the freezer for school lunches.
We are ready for school!

August 4, 2011

Ode to Motherhood

Truman made this pan of shortbread.

Abby Mowed the Lawn





August 3, 2011