June 29, 2010

Hazel Haircut

Hazel decided to trim her hair, so we finished the job. I think it is really cute on her. I am almost glad she took the initiative because it matches her personality and I wouldn't have done it.

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June 13, 2010

Never wash your hair in a waterfall!

Kenneth and I went to San Francisco a few years ago with some friends, and then a couple years later went back with our kids. The first time was really fun, but I have to admit that going back with our kids was even more fun. Havasupai was fun with the Young Women (and Hazel) but this time it was even better.

It is a beautiful place to visit. The water sparkles, the river babbles, the new composting pit toilets don't smell, and we had all the time in the world to play and explore. I was so glad to have the time to spend with my family. It's a beautiful life!

Here is Syd and I swimming in the mist.

Truman and I at our campground.
Hazel and I in front of a hard to get to waterfall. (and hard to get back from)
This is me near the top of the trail on the way out. That little squiggly pale line on the canyon floor is the trail.
Rebekah and I crossing the "bridge" near our campsite. I saw a cool bug on this log, with my new friend Jennifer. One afternoon while I was sitting on the bank of the river, watching the kids annoy a family of tadpoles, a girl came over and sat down next to me. She had just graduated from high school and she and the rest of her Laurel class from church had hiked down the day before us, and they were going to rid the helicopter out the next day. We talked for a long time. She told me all about herself and was interested in my kids and stuff like that. I quite enjoyed the conversation and was flattered that she thought I was interesting enough to came talk to. It started to get dark and we were on the "bridge", I saw the cool bug and pointed it out to her. She agreed that it was a really cool bug. She yells out "Dad! Come see our cool bug!" He comes over and says that the bug is a cockroach. (I don't believe it) Then he looks at me and realizes that he doesn't know me. Being a good dad, he introduces himself and asks "Are you a friend of Jennifer's from school?" I giggle (like a school girl) and say "oh that's really nice of you to say so but, no. Ummm those are my 7 kids over there!" I am still feeling giddy about being mistaken for a high school girl.

Tip: the shampoo commercials where the bathing lady washes her hair in the waterfall must have some mighty impressive conditioner, or a patient makeup staff. I washed my hair in a waterfall (using biodegradable camp soap) and the resulting rat's nest took Kenneth 30 minutes to untangle.

Does this shirt make me look like one of the X-men?

The vote is unanimous, Yes! We all think that the shirt does make Kenneth look like one of the X-Men.

After 15 years, Kenneth still surprises me. In March, we went to the Ostrich festival. It was Nate's Birthday and so I splurged and bought enough tickets for our family to ride the ferris wheel. We had to ride in 2 baskets, I was in a basket with the boys and Kenneth went in a basket with the girls. Well, the wheel stopped and Kenneth's basket was at the top. I look over at him and he is standing up. I shout to him to sit down. "What? I can't stand up on a ferris wheel?" "UMMM, NO!" "I didn't know... I have never been on a ferris wheel before!"

When we first got married I was first shocked (the most shocked ever) to discover that he really didn't like camping. So I have been coaxing him along hoping that he would "catch the vision". Four years ago, after I took Hazel down to Havasupai, I began telling him that we were going to take all the kids as soon as Hazel was big enough to hike it on her own. I was surprised again when we were getting ready to go and he was excited, almost giddy!

He was so funny while we were there. He isn't a big risk taker, (ie jumping off big cliffs) but he is macho enough to try to impress me by jumping off pretty big cliffs. How do I know that he was only doing this to impress me? Our friend, Lennard, (who came with us) reported that just before a riskier waterfall jump Kenneth looked around and said "Darn it, she can't even see me!"

I am so glad that after all this time he is still willing to throw himself off a cliff for the love of a silly girl!

P.S. He was also a really awesome hiker, and was the most patient with the kids that I have ever seen. (except for the part where he konked Nate on the head with a book)

P.P.S I really do think he could be one of the X-Men, I am sure that his super power has to do with math. Is it possible to die of math? I wonder...

Marimba Update

All the bars are cut and sanded, ready for initial tuning.

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June 6, 2010

Let the summer begin...

The pictures are here and I will have to write and post better after I catch up on some sleep. We hiked Havasupi.