November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving Day was really busy around here and Poor Hazel fell asleep at the table waiting for pie.  All day she looked forward to eating pie and then as we were whipping the cream she fell asleep.  We did wake her up after we took the picture.  She loves pumpkin pie and holds the record for eating 7 pieces in a single day!

Here is the pie making.  I am wondering why we bother to cook turkey when pie is so popular!
Christian and Truman made berry, Sydney made pumpkin praline, Rebekah made apple, Hazel and Kenneth made "cooking for engineers" best ever pumpkin pie!
One of the finished turkeys.
Two turkeys in the oven.  One was Jenny-O brand and one was Honeysuckle.  I think that the Honeysuckle was a little bit better.  (I mostly make turkey so that the stuffing will be juicy)

The Marimba made progress today too!

Christian is helping line up the bars.

Hazel had another bike riding lesson!

Nate's face met the berry pie!