April 30, 2010

Three kid conversations worth recording

Conversation 1
Rebekah: Mom I have been thinking about something in the books I have been reading.
Me:What have you been thinking?
R: Some of them, well most of them.  I think all of them,
M: Yes?
R: Well whenever the kids come home from school, they always have cookies and milk.
M: Always?
R: Umm yeah.  and the cookies are warm.  Don't you think that cookies are better warm?
M: Are you thinking that I should make cookies everyday?
R:  Well, since all the kids will be in school all day next year, you will have time.
M: I can just spend everyday baking?
R: And sewing!

Conversation 2
phone rings...
M: Hello
Christian: Hi Mom.
This is significant because hearing Christian on the phone I realized that he has a man voice.  How did I become a mom to a boy who sounds like a man?

Conversation 3
Hazel came with me to the Apple store to see about fixing my sick ipod.  We are walking out of the store...
Hazel: Mom does this mall have a gumdrop machine?
Me: Do you mean gumball?
H: Yep, do they have a gumball machine?
M: They do, somewhere.  I don't know where.
H: Do you have any money?
M: I don't know where the gumball machines are.
H: I can walk really far!

(Hazel had cotton candy flavor gumball and I had a cherry one.  It was the total opposite end of the mall! And we only stepped on the white squares.)

April 18, 2010

Farewell Old Friends

I bought these boots for Archaeology field school in 1996. They were half price because they were last year's model.
I walked all over Provo in them with Christian in a backpack, to break them in.
I hiked 12-15 miles a day for 6 weeks in Capitol Reef National Park, doing Archaeological survey.
I wore them to the pit house site we excavated in Goshen, UT.
I have hiked in Arches National park, many times in them.
I went Repelling in them twice.
I have hiked them all over Arizona:
* Lava Tube in Flagstaff
* Lost Dutchman state park
* South Mountain
*Superstition Mountains
*White Tank Mountains
They came with me to YW Girls camp at LoMia, Havasupai, and Blue Ridge Reservoir.
I wore them to cub scout day camp.
I even wore them with my pioneer dress, pulling a hand cart, on a reenactment trek.

I was sad to see them go.  Who knew that I the girl who is infamous in some circles as "the kind of person who throws things away :(", that I would feel the need to take a photo before throwing a pair of boots away.

I went to replace them and found a new pair which happened to be half price because they are last year's color.  I could not overlook the auspiciousness of the event and am looking forward to many miles in my new boots.

April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt in PJs (and sunglasses)

Thank you Arizona for the beautiful weather, on this glorious Easter Morning!  I am so grateful for so many things.
I am thankful for the empty tomb and it's promise that we will all live again. I am thankful for the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ.
I am thankful to be a member of His church, for the priesthood and the blessings that it brings to me and my family.  I am thankful that my husband and sons are worthy to hold and exercise the priesthood.  For the opportunity that I have been blessed with to; be married in the Holy Temple, for time and all eternity.
I am thankful for the opportunity that we have this weekend to hear the words of the living Prophet.
I am so thankful for my children, for their strengths and talents and for the weaknesses that they work so hard to improve.
I am grateful to be married to my best friend, and for the great life that we have together.
I am lucky to have been blessed with many good examples, examples of parenting, of laughing, of doing my best, loving and being loved.
I am thankful for freedom to worship, to be educated, to speak out, and to be myself.
I am thankful for this beautiful earth and the chance that we have to make it beautiful.
I am so grateful to be alive and for the opportunity each new day holds to try a little harder and be a little better!

April 2, 2010


The number of miles we hiked today.  Last weekend we tested strength and this weekend we were trying endurance.  The wildflowers were all in bloom, it was beautiful!  The hike took all day, and Hazel was pretty whiney the end of mile 7 and the beginning of mile 8.  We had a picnic on the trail, and it was pretty fun.  I am feeling more comfortable with out summer plans to hike Havasupai.