August 29, 2010

Annual Underwater Photo Shoot

We pool-sat for some friends in August, and took the opportunity to teach Snug how to swim.
She was difficult to photograph, but we had a fun time doing it!

Hazel in a cloud of bubbles!

Nate doggie paddling...

Bekah on the Bottom! (of the pool)

Abigail is Awesome!
Sydney, ever graceful, even underwater!

Truman, ever silly. Even underwater!
Bubbles and Buffness? It's Christian!

Girls Camp ( a first person account in third person)

Audrey Clark (right) and Sydney (left) have been friends for a long while. They are on one of the benches along the perimeter of the mess hall balcony. They were waiting for dinner to start.
The picture above is Sydney at the podium, where the young women had church. Sydney is putting on a serious face for the picture. This picture was taken on the first day while Audrey Clark, Sydney ,and Jessica Bidwell were exploring the woods around the camp. There are benches in front of and by the podium. On Sunday The girls were only here for the first part of the meeting because of the weather the rest was held on the mess hall balcony.
Sydney (left), Audrey (middle) ,and Jessica (right) are ready for bedtime after a long first day at camp Lamia.
On the hike the next morning The young woman passed through a grove, that was full of ferns and butterflies like those above.
Here Sydney is hiking down the switchbacks at the start of the hike, most of hte group is already ahead.
Halfway down ,the girls all saw the view above. They all hiked through the valley to the far misty area you can barley see, far off in the distance.
This is at one of the only flat parts at the beginning of the hike they were all going pretty fast because they had not used much energy yet. The girls had all used a ton of their energy by the time they got back.
Every one had a great time at Camp!

August 22, 2010


Fiery Furnace

While in Moab in July. (between the Tuba photo and the reunion) Our family, Uncle Paul and his family, Aunt Emma and Ryan, and Grandma and Grandpa Welling, went hiking in the Fiery Furnace. Paul has been trying to take his family there and it sounded fun but complicated because you have to have permits and they say you should have a ranger to guide you. Paul and I were thinking that maybe it was an adventure for another visit to Moab. Kenneth took charge and got us the permits and the permission to hike without a ranger. We had a great adventure and Paul guided us well!

Family Foto

A picture is worth a 1000 low notes!

Truman is Tuba Obsessed. He and Christian have often had the conversation about whose instrument is better. Truman came up with the argument that Tubas are better because there is a town named after them. We looked and there is a town called Marimba but it is somewhere in Brazil. So Tubas are better because we can go to Tuba city.

While we were driving to the "Fabulous Fawson Reunion". We drove through Tuba city. I was driving and Kenneth suddenly said "stop by that sign. When are we ever going to be driving through here with the tuba. I am going to make Truman get out and take his picture with the tuba and the sign". There was no need to make him. Truman was out on the side of the road in a heartbeat!

Cub Scout Danger!

I am currently the den leader for the Bear and wolf cub scouts in our ward. These two boys really wanted to build "soap box racers". We built two of them, thanks to my dad and Truman's generous help. They turned out to be terrifically fun, fast, and dangerous. The boys are trying to design seat belts, because they go too fast and the boys keep getting road rash from falling off or putting their hands down. I was glad when they took the cars home so that they didn't break any bones at my house!

Marimba progress July

Marimba bars.
draw on the arch to cut out of the bottom of the bar.

Cut out the arch with the band saw.

Sanding to the correct pitch.
checking the pitch.

Sand Dough

We went to a "Fabulous Fawson Reunion", planned by Grandma Welling. The reunion turned out great. We all had a fun time. Kenneth and I were asked to prepare activities to keep the children in the park entertained. The Sand dough recipe was much requested. Here it is:

4 c. sand
2 c. corn starch
1 Tablespoon cream of tartar
3 c. hot water

Combine the first three ingredients. Add three cups hot water and stir. Then, heat over medium heat, stirring until the mixture becomes so stiff that you can't stir any more. Remove from heat and let cool 15 -20 minutes. Kneed until smooth. Store in an airtight container. Soak pan in warm water to remove sand residue.