December 25, 2011

This is the house that Alex built.

The amazing uncle Alex came to visit.   We had a great time with him one of the highlights was the gingerbread house.  It was our most organized and tidy house ever.  I think that the roof is tiled with 6 rolls of necco candies.  

December 23, 2011

Sydney Mozzarella Maker

Sydney is doing a science project that involves making cheese.  Three trials involving 3 gallons of milk each time.  It is a lot of cheese, and a lot of dirty dishes.  Luckily it is good cheese.  She is getting really good at it.

December 22, 2011

Dobson Band Concert

Here is a link to the most recent band concert that Christian and Truman are in.

December 21, 2011

Abby Turns 12!

For Abby's 12th birthday she really wanted to do some service at an animal shelter.  We couldn't find one that would let kids under the age of 14 help.  She settled for a tour.  The shelter was pretty nice. The girls had a fun time.  Abby is passionate about panda bears.  Her friends know her well and she received a multitude of panda paraphernalia.  She liked this pink shirt that says "If you are happy and you know it... SLAP YOUR FRIEND"  Unfortunately, this is an accurate reflection of her personality.  She also loves the panda hat and the kids have spent many hours trying to steal her hat eliciting a violent response.

December 5, 2011

Is anybody listening?

Whenever we leave the house we send someone around to make sure all the lights are off.  My kids tease me because I am a "compulsive light turner off-er".  I dream about putting a motion sensing light fixture in the girl's closet.  I personally think I am a bit of a nag about light turning-off.

This morning at breakfast, there was some conversation between the kids about leaving the lights on all the time.  I think it had to do with the Christmas lights.  I said something about being being more worried about the inside lights being left on all the time.  The kids went silent and looked at me in amazement.  Truman said "Is a big deal?  Would you like us to turn off our bedroom light when we leave?"  I wasn't sure if he was teasing, but everyone was waiting for my answer.  I said it would be great.  They all nodded sincerely, and agreed "Sure, we can do that."

When they left for school all the lights were off.

Maybe I haven't been speaking english for the last 16 years.