September 28, 2009

Eat it... Just eat it!

Last week we had a dinner "incident". I made sweet and sour pork. There was nothing in it that was strange or unusual, nothing that the kids don't like. Rebekah and Hazel were feeling contrary and refused to eat it. Hazel was particularly outspoken on the topic of how "disgusting" her dinner was. The girls were given the option of eat it now or eat it later. They chose to not eat it now and hope that they wouldn't have to eat it later either. Come morning and breakfast, the girls found their dinner staring at them. They decided that they would just dilly-dally until it was time to leave for school and avoid eating it. When I realized their plan I mentioned that I being the mother can call the school and excuse them for the day so that they would have time to finish. During the battle, my friend came over for something and Hazel followed me out into the driveway. I told Hazel to go eat her dinner, my friend laughed that I was having a busy morning and misspoke. I explained the dilemma. She laughed even harder.
The girls finally ate their dinners so that they could go to school. Hazel was a bit late to preschool so we had to explain the whole event again. More laughter.
Last night we had chocolate cake, with too much icing. Several children couldn't finish their cake and covered it to save for the next day. This morning I dished out the oatmeal and the kids reminded me that they hadn't eaten all their "dinner". "Mom, tell we have to eat our cake!!" Again laughter. So I told them that after they ate their oatmeal they would have to eat their cake. Everyone left for school and no oatmeal or cake was left.
Weird Kids.

September 26, 2009

Domestic Diva Day

Today was a very productive day...
1 batch of ginger-pear preserves
3 batches of raspberry jam
9 loves of homemade bread
6 loads of laundry
sleep and mop the kitchen
3 loads of dishes
2 pans of kettle corn
and I even had time to give the dog a bath and
watch a movie with my kids!!

September 25, 2009

Grandparent Material

Christian and Truman are in the talent show at the junior high this weekend. Here is last night's performance for those who wish to watch it.
This is the Jazz Band which Christian is not playing the piano, but Truman is playing the tuba. Truman especially likes this number because he gets to play his tuba. He is learning the trombone on the rest of the pieces.
P.S. I know it is hard to see but there are 2 kids on the front row wearing big wigs. At tonight's (Friday) performance. Truman decided not to be left out and performed wearing a Marilyn Monroe wig!

Here is Christian's Piano solo.

And Last but definately not least the Tuba solo. I never met a boy so in love with a big hunk of brass.

September 20, 2009

Emma's Wedding

These pictures I stole from Emma's files for the benefit of my friends and relations who listened to my dramatizations of preparing the dresses and the cake. Here is the proof that it really happened. All the dresses were cute and the cake was beautiful. Thanks for all your encouragement...

The thickness of water

Last night we went for a moonlight swim. As I have spent more time swimming I have notices that the water has become thicker. (I think that I used to fight against the water, I imagine that I thrashed around more and that the water was splashier. One day I was swimming and realized that if you cut through it and push against it, swimming is more like gliding.) The stars were out and I was laying on the water floating there in the dark watching the stars above me and it was a very mystical experience. I heard the universe whispering to me, and message was “be still”. I am trying to do that more.

I have been teaching basic canning classes at our house on Saturdays. They are going well; fun, educational, well attended. I really love canning. I love the hard work. I love the spinney rings and the pop of the lids as they seal. I love the steamy hot jars straight from the dishwasher, and the canner that was my Grandma’s. I really love to see the jars with bright contents, the labor of my own hands. I love the camaraderie and the conversation. I love it for all the times past and for the promise of the future.

Madam President

Sydney decided to run for student council president. She had a group of her friends and Abby's friends come over one day last week after school. They spent 2 hours making 200 of those little "warm fuzzies". (a pompom with feet and googly eyes) They put a little message tag on each one that said "Vote for Sydney W. for President".

The day before the speeches her "campaign crew" handed out the warm fuzzies. Sydney fussed and fretted about her speech. She was worried about being honest because previous presidents won by promising impossible things like saying that they would make the cafeteria food better. I think that she did a really good job. Here is her speech:

She won. The thing that impressed me the most was that she cam home and said "mom I won, but I don't feel really happy because Amy lost and feels bad." We had a nice chat about winning and losing and she decided that she would feel better if she baked Amy some cookies and wrote her a nice note about the things Sydney thought she did well. The cookies worked, Amy is happy and is the class representative, and Sydney has a new friend. I love it when the easy answers work.

September 19, 2009

Halloween Fun

I think that the best part of Halloween is all the preparations. Hours and Hours of entertainment trying on costumes and mixing and matching...

September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Christian!

Christian requested that his cake be fudge this year, no complaints from me! YUMM!

Hazel gave him a pair of Hanna Montana pink boots, because we often tease that gifts for the boys are a pair of pink boots. Hazel didn't tell the kids what was in the box so the teasing continued about the pink boots. His surprise was worth it. Unfortunately being $3 clearance items the boots didn't fit him.

He got other gifts too but the boots were the best!

September 5, 2009

Dare Devil Mama

Today I jumped off the high-dive! Sydney dared me and I did it. There is no picture as I was in my swimming suit!