November 15, 2009

Fish Tank Stand

Kenneth and I have finally finished our Fish tank collaboration project. He made the stand and I made the stained glass panels for the doors. It is hard to tell but there is a light inside the cabinet which illuminates the glass in the doors and also makes it easy to see the music books inside. Each kid has their own slot to keep their piano and instrument music in.

Here is me and the door.
Here is a shot of just the glowing doors.
The stand without the lights on...

The stand and doors in all it's glory.

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November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Today was a busy day. Christian and Truman and I went out at dawn to put out flags (our boy scout fundraiser, for $35 a year the scouts in our ward will post a flag in your yard on all major holidays). The van started steaming profusely (unfortunately not the first time this week), I opened the hood and finally caught a glimpse of the offending hose. I dropped the boys off at home and drove over to Auto Zone and opened the hood. I showed the girl the hose spraying coolant all over and told her I would like a new one. We looked for a long time for the right part and finally discovered that I just needed a 6 inch piece of 3/4 inch hose. They didn't even charge me for it! I came home and spent 2 hours replacing the hose. Our neighbor came by and helped me tighten the last clamp and put the air filter back on. I washed up and the kids and I went up to watch the Veteran's Day Parade. Christian and the Marching band were in the parade. It is always fun to see my kids perform. We came home and had lunch. Then we headed to the pool for an hour. THen everyone got to work practicing and cleaning (my in-laws are coming tomorrow.)

November 10, 2009

The Fat Man Game (and a lady)

When Christian and Truman were little they made up a game where they wad up all the newspaper that needs to be recycled and carry it to the recycle bin inside their shirts. I asked Christian and nate to take out the news paper and the next thing I knew... Christian and Truman were teaching Nate and Hazel to play the "Fat Man Game". I love those moments when there is peace and happiness (and recycling)!

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November 3, 2009


Our HOA decided to remodel our pool this summer and it closed the week after school got out and just opened again last week. Today was warm weather (90s) and so Kenneth and the Kids went to play at the pool. The splash Pad toys are a new addition.

November 1, 2009

Time is a funny thing

Last night Christian and Truman had their first band concert of the year. I hope that they did good. Kenneth and I were absent from this event because we were on a "Hot Date". We went to a nice Japanese restaurant and the over to the U2 concert. It was a fun concert!

I did have a good laugh at myself, because I spent more time than usual deciding what to wear. I just don't know what people wear to concerts these days. In the end I decided that I can only wear things I own and opted for a good mix of cute and comfortable. As we were walking into the stadium I looked around to see how everyone dresses for concerts these days and saw a lot of 30ish and 40ish people who were wearing a good mix of cute and comfortable. I also was surprised to see that U2 is not still in their 30s.

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