December 27, 2012

Ceretta Chocolate Factory Tour

We only let our kids have a "friend" birthday party every other year.  This year is not Abby's year, but she asked if we could go take a tour of the chocolate factory.  She did invite Stephany, but she is nearly family.  We took the tour a few years ago, and it was interesting.  This time, it was really cool.  The guide was so cute and she talked fast.  She told us lots of interesting history.  We got to walk around and see a lot of the equipment and the candy being made. 

This is caramels cooling on the refrigerated tables.

These men are making the cream centers.

This is Mr. Ceretta, working on the "white line".  The machine is a replica of the machine in the I love Lucy episode, where she works at the candy factory.

The chocolate dipped pretzels that they were making on the "white line".

One 500 lb. Santa.  He is 5 feet tall and only costs $11/lb.

The chocolate is a special recipe called JC Special, made by Guitard and shipped in 10 lb bars.

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