December 29, 2012

Scary Pet Hotel

On Thursday, the girls were trying to play littlest pet shops, but they had nothing to make the pet shops do, so they made a hotel out of cardboard they found in our recycling bin, and took pictures of the pets doing things.

 The manager (panda) waits alone.

His first visitor of the day is a cat.

 A dog comes next,

 followed by a pink chinchilla.

 A purple bird,

 a white cow,

 a little yellow fish, 

and a yellow bird are all visitors of the Scary pet hotel. 

 But those aren't all! Following them are a rabbit,

a little green lizard,

a pink bird,

a tall gray sheep, all follow.

Then the manager waits alone.

Buts he's not alone for long! A large visitor then appears.

The manager runs away,

And you can see what the monster did to that!

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