December 31, 2012

It's Over!

Good Bye 2012!
We choose to usher out the year in complete Gluttony!
We have a potluck dinner on New Years Eve.  Everyone brings what ever they want.  No limits on sugar or transfat.  Tonight we had: Nachos, cherry 7-up, fish sticks, cheese straws, chorizo, candy salad, snicker bar (and apple) salad, homemade mac&cheese, caramel popcorn, and a vege-plate.
Kenneth's sister Emma and her family came to visit.  (I'm sorry they aren't in the picture.  They were taking care of a sick baby.  We took the pictures while waiting for them!)  We did enjoy their company, and game playing fun.

I also thought you would like to see the Hazel Pouting picture and the Nate looking smug (because he made Hazel pout) picture.  Kids are so fun sometimes...

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